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Din cauza unei perioade foarte aglomerate vă anunțăm, cu rugămintea de a ne înțelege, că nu vom putea livra unele comenzi în intervalul promis – de 10 zile lucrătoare. Astfel în perioada 8 noiembrie 2021 – 3 ianuarie 2022 există riscul ca unele comenzi să fie trimise în 20 de zile lucrătoare. Pentru cei care doresc o livrare mult mai rapidă le recomandăm

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universitatea romaneasca azi perspective dezvoltare ale republicii moldova analize recomandari politicii romaniei asistenta pentru etica integritate educatie cercetare regionalizarea privita dintr perspectiva neoinstitutionala democratization through social activism gender and environmental issues post communist societies integritatea viata publica conflict europeanization the war meanings
challenges conditionality bosnia herzegovina kosovo formarea competentelor globale din stakeholderilor studying different theoretical lenses new methodological approaches strengthening administrative capacity evaluarea programelor politicilor romania impact raspundere cultura organizationala critical case study introducere stiinta politica alegeri actiune colectiva institutii east versus west when politics collide with economics studentul profesor evaluare durabila competente durabile impactul comunitara asupra comunitatilor locale studiu caz programul rurala contributia consilierii cariera integrarea studentilor comunitate governance framework for understanding european society politici demografice mame conscripte mercenare guvernanta corporativa bune practici strategii cresterea performantei organizationale
note curs rolul parteneriatelor interinstitutionale cadrul guvernantei europene neoinstitutionalista coalitiilor europa centrala est emergence evaluation culture intarirea capacitatii dezvoltarea sistemului national interventiilor publice design organizational capacitate politica nationala 2007 2013 contextul coeziune economica sociala uniunii daniela mitutoiu mihail caradaica miruna butnaru troncota diego varela antonio sandu bogdan popoveniuc adrian miroiu florian coordonator oana andreea maria costea albert andrei craiu brandusa teican dana irina ionita stavaru mircea perpelea alina mihalcea octavian mihai razvan cotovelea edited ioana vlad katalin fabian alexandru grigoras monica chiffa lavinia cornelia butum nicolae toderas ghigiu roxana melenciuc editors marian craciun



PRET: 33 27 LEI
Post-conflict Europeanization and the war of meanings.
The Challenges of EU Conditionality in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo
Miruna Troncota
Colectia: Institutii si politici publice
Categoria: Politic

"Stories have both the power to heal and to hurt the wounds of the past. Most often, when the war with the real weapons was over, another one was about to start - the cruel 'war of meanings', which targeted not the bodies, but the minds of people, with the main aim to deepen the gap between different ethnicities. In other words, in post-conflict countries each public narrative becomes a 'weapon'. Around this idea evolves the main red thread of the book, showing that the particularity of the post-conflict countries in the Western Balkans lays in the fact that different ethnicities attach contradictory meanings to the same political realities, which complicates the puzzle of post-conflict transformation in the context of the European Union integration process. For an external observer, like the author of this book, who is originally from Romania and focuses on the ex-Yugoslav space, this symbolic process of constructing 'parallel realities of political discourse' can raise multiple challenges. In my view, the most valuable contribution of this study is that it convincingly argues that policy narratives matter for an in-depth understanding of Europeanization in post-conflict settings. Moreover, it shows that in the particular cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo they are essential units of analysis, as they become instruments of everyday policy making, where symbols are used as strategic tools for divisive agendas. In the end, the study shows that there is a need to pay more attention to policy narratives in analysing EU enlargement policy in the Western Balkans, particularly in the post-conflict societies, in order to unpack alternative conflict transformation strategies that would allow a sustainable reconciliation at the same time with full-fledged Europeanization.
I strongly recommend this book as a relevant analytic tool for both scholars and policy makers interested in a critical approach towards the newly theorised concept of 'post-conflict Europeanization' proposed by Mrs Troncota, and illustrated with rich empirical material from field research insights from Kosovo and Bosnia."

Prof. Dr. Iordan Barbulescu
Dean of the Department of International Relations and European Integration, SNSPA, Romania.

  Mai puteti citi din colectia Institutii si politici publice
Etica si integritatea in viata publica
Daniela Mitutoiu
ISBN: 978-606-749-636-9
PRET: 57  46 LEI

Studentul Profesor - De la evaluare durabila la competente durabile
Brandusa Teican
ISBN: ISBN 978-606-749-449-5
PRET: 33  26 LEI

O introducere in stiinta politica Alegeri, actiune colectiva si institutii
Adrian Miroiu
ISBN: 978-606-749-233-0

Cartea este prima introducere comprehensiva in stiinta politica, in limba romana, din perspectiva teoriei alegerii rationale. Sunt prezentate fundamentele metodologice ale abordarii (ideile de rationaitate si de de individualism).
PRET: 65  52 LEI

Impactul programelor de dezvoltare comunitara asupra comunitatilor locale. Studiu de caz: programul de dezvoltare rurala
Vlad Alexandru Grigoras
ISBN: 978-606-749-009-1

Programele de dezvoltare comunitara reprezinta unul dintre cele mai cunoscute mecanisme de directionare a fondurilor catre nivelul local in vederea asigurarii dezvoltarii multidimensionale a acestuia. Si in Romania conceptul s-a bucurat de o larga popularitate: a fost sustinut puternic si integrat extrem de usor in ideologia dezvoltarii. Totusi, evaluarile riguroase privind efectele asupra comunitatilor au fost mai degraba modeste. Lucrarea de fata isi propune sa raspunda acestei nevoi, avand scopul de intelege modul in care a functionat un program ?clasic" de dezvoltare comunitara in Romania (Programul de Dezvoltare Rurala ? PDR).
PRET: 27  22 LEI

The emergence of a European evaluation culture
Ioana-Roxana Melenciuc
ISBN: 978-606-749-106-7

This book is the first out of a series of two volumes on the study of evaluation culture(s). Is there a common European evaluation culture or are there only cultures of evaluation that are ascribed to the national space? Has the evaluation culture been subject of the Europeanization process? Is there a contribution or an attribution relationship between the North American Evaluation culture and the European one? These are just some of the questions that should find an answer within the pages of this study.
PRET: 27  22 LEI

Formarea coalitiilor in Europa Centrala si de Est
Dana Irina Ionita
ISBN: 978-606-8571-72-0
PRET: 27  21 LEI

Studying europeanization. Different theoretical lenses and new methodological approaches
Coordonator Oana-Andreea Ion
ISBN: 978-606-749-083-1

The volume, dedicated to students and researchers alike, is a comprehensive yet easy to grasp handbook for the theoretical and methodological study of Europeanization which compiles the latest and most relevant studies in the field in addition to the authors? own research on the phenomenon.
PRET: 37  30 LEI

Rolul parteneriatelor interinstitutionale in cadrul guvernantei europene. Cercetare din perspectiva neoinstitutionalista
Albert-Andrei Craiu
ISBN: 978-606-749-602-4
PRET: 41  33 LEI

Formarea competentelor globale. Analize din perspectiva stakeholderilor
Lavinia Cornelia Butum
ISBN: 978-606-749-583-6
PRET: 47  38 LEI

Politica nationala de dezvoltare 2007-2013 in contextul Politicii de Coeziune Economica si Sociala a Uniunii Europene
Razvan Cotovelea
ISBN: 978-606-8571-29-4
PRET: 45  36 LEI

East versus West: When Politics Collide with Economics
Ana Maria Costea
ISBN: 978-606-749-056-5

The main objective of the present study is to develop a comprehensive analysis on the decision making process within the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Organization (NATO) regarding their foreign and security policies with a special focus on their policies occurring at their Eastern frontier.
The importance of the theme lies in the fact that, although both organizations have stipulated t heir desire to be global actors, their immediate Eastern frontier has been for years an unstable and unsecure region that reminded us about the interplay of the Cold War between the East and the West.
PRET: 38  31 LEI

Governance and europeanization as a framework for understanding the european society
Ana Maria Costea, Alexandru Mihai Ghigiu, Ioana Roxana Melenciuc (Editors)
ISBN: 978-606-749-104-3

The European continent is currently facing numerous challenges from within, but also from outside, both of them challenging the global power status of the European Union. Within the EU we have to deal with an unprecedented refugee/immigration crisis, fact that inevitably affected the internal security of its Member states. The migration crisis highlights once again the issue of border security and European unity. Externally the civil war from Syria and even closer, the Ukrainian crisis are affecting the regional security putting under pressure the border security of the EU.
PRET: 32  26 LEI

Regionalizarea Romaniei privita dintr-o perspectiva neoinstitutionala
Monica Chiffa
ISBN: 978-606-8571-31-7
PRET: 35  28 LEI
Indisponibil momentan 

Intarirea capacitatii administrative. Dezvoltarea sistemului national de evaluare a interventiilor publice in Romania: design organizational, cultura si capacitate de evaluare
Ana-Maria Stavaru
ISBN: 978-606-749-041-1

Pe fondul lipsei unei legaturi directe si vizibile intre cheltuirea banilor publici si cetateni si in contextul nevoii de imbunatatire a interventiilor publice, lucrarea analizeaza starea de fapt privind utilizarea evaluarii in administratia publica centrala romaneasca.
PRET: 33  27 LEI

DEMOCRATIZATION THROUGH SOCIAL ACTIVISM. Gender and Environmental Issues in Post-communist Societies
Edited by Ioana Vlad and Katalin Fabian
ISBN: 978-606-749-033-66

Women's rights are not gifts, neither environmental justice. They are the result of solidarity among individuals and organizations turned into public actions and social movements. Central and Eastern Europe are relevant new comers of the last two decades and a half in the efforts to build a just society for women and men, for the future generations, as well as a bearable world for other beings.
PRET: 55  44 LEI
Indisponibil momentan 

Guvernanta corporativa. Bune practici si strategii pentru cresterea performantei organizationale
- Note de curs -

Mircea Perpelea, Alina Mihalcea, Octavian Mihai Perpelea
ISBN: 978-606-749-130-2

Lucrarea de fata isi propune tocmai sa ofere o perspectiva complexa, chiar daca nu completa, asupra felului in care se realizeaza guvernarea corporativa. Pentru aceasta, lucrarea debuteaza cu o incursiune in teoriile asupra conceptului de guvernare corporativa si continua cu prezentarea metodelor si principiilor guvernantei corporative.
PRET: 29  24 LEI

Universitatea romaneasca azi
Adrian Miroiu, Bogdan Florian
ISBN: 978-606-749-033-6

Volumul ofera o imagine cuprinzatoare asupra unor trasaturi esentiale ale educatiei superioare din Romania, precum: calitatea programelor universitare, calitatea cercetarii stiintifice, finantarea universitatilor sau accesul echitabil la educatia superioara. in acelasi timp, el cuprinde analize aplicate ale politicilor publice educationale realizate in Romania ultimelor doua decenii.
PRET: 37  30 LEI

Politici demografice. De la mame conscripte la mame mercenare
Diego Varela
ISBN: 978-606-749-199-9
PRET: 33  26 LEI

Post-conflict Europeanization and the war of meanings.
The Challenges of EU Conditionality in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo

Miruna Troncota
ISBN: 978-606-749-087-9

"Stories have both the power to heal and to hurt the wounds of the past. Most often, when the war with the real weapons was over, another one was about to start - the cruel 'war of meanings', which targeted not the bodies, but the minds of people, with the main aim to deepen the gap between different ethnicities. In other words, in post-conflict countries each public narrative becomes a 'weapon'.
PRET: 33  27 LEI

Perspective de dezvoltare ale Republicii Moldova. Analize si recomandari ale politicii Romaniei de asistenta pentru dezvoltare
Mihail Caradaica, Miruna Butnaru Troncota
ISBN: 978-606-749-388-7
PRET: 20  16 LEI

Ana-Maria Stavaru
ISBN: 978-606-749-089-3

PRET: 37  30 LEI

Evaluarea programelor si politicilor in Romania. Impact, raspundere publica si cultura organizationala
Nicolae Toderas, Ana-Maria Stavaru
ISBN: 978-606-749-015-2

În pragul Centenarului Marii Uniri, ne-am imaginat România ca fiind reperul permanent de încredere pentru cetățenii săi: România – țara europeană, puternică, având un cadru legislativ funcțional, dezvoltat pe principiile statului de drept; România – statul responsabil care concepe și aplică politici și programe publice în folosul și pentru binele cetățenilor; România – statul solid ale cărui instituții publice răspund în fața contribuabililor, în spiritul autocriticii și al îmbunătățirii continue; România – societatea democratică și pluralistă, care-și respectă oamenii. Încercând să surprindă câteva elemente marcante cu privire la îmbunătățirea politicilor publice și a programelor și implicit a gestionării fondurilor publice naționale și europene, volumul aduce în prim plan întrebări și frământări actuale privind evaluarea politicilor și programelor, răspunderea publică și perspectivele culturii organizaționale în administrația publică românească.
PRET: 39  31 LEI

Etica si integritate in educatie si cercetare
Antonio Sandu,Bogdan Popoveniuc
ISBN: 978-606-749-398-6
PRET: 67  54 LEI

Bosnia and Herzegovina. A critical case study of europeanization.
Miruna Troncota
ISBN: 978-606-8571-36-2
PRET: 37  30 LEI

Contributia consilierii de cariera la integrarea studentilor in comunitate
Marian Craciun
ISBN: 978-606-749-247-7

Volumul constituie o radiografie a sistemului de orientare si consiliere in cariera din Romania, la nivel universitar.
PRET: 64  52 LEI



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